Dash Guide


Save your most-used links on your Dashworks homepage for one-click access
Dashworks Bookmarks allow you to easily access your most-visited websites with one click from your homepage.
There are 2 types of Bookmarks:
  • Personal Bookmarks
  • Company Bookmarks
Personal Bookmarks are specific to your own Dashworks homepage, and are only visible to you.
Company Bookmarks are created by your Dashworks admin, and cannot be changed or modified by anyone but that Admin.

Creating Bookmarks:

Bookmark creation happens on the Dashworks Home Page. You will see 2 rows of Bookmarks for your Personal Bookmarks (top row) and your Company Bookmarks (bottom row).
Here's how to create bookmarks for both Admins and Members:
Note, you can only add 8 bookmarks per row.