Dash Guide

Member Onboarding

Members can search not only their org-wide apps, but connect and search their personal app connections as well

How Team Members Sign In

  1. 1.
    Team members can get started at dashworks.ai/start
    • This will be the Chrome Extension installation page, where they can add Dashworks to their browser
  2. 2.
    Alternatively, Team members can be invited through Admin Settings → Members in Dashworks
  3. 3.
    Both instances will direct Members to a Sign Up page that looks like this:
4. Team members can input their work email address, authenticate through their company's SSO provider, and follow the onboarding pop ups
5. First, Team members will see their Organization's Apps:
6. Then a privacy pop up:
7. Then a search bar with some suggested keywords for their first search:
8. After the search results, Team Members can add their own apps via My Apps, and explore Dashworks on their own. Learn more below!