Dash Guide


How to use Dashworks to search for anything and everything
The most obvious feature of Dashworks is the ability to search. Using Dashworks you can search across your entire organization for:
  • Documents and folders
  • Messages, emails, and channels
  • Tickets, issues, and projects
  • Customer contacts and companies
There are three ways to access the search box within Dashworks:
  1. 1.
    Use the shortcut cmd+T then Tab to quickly access the Dashworks search bar
  2. 2.
    Type in the word Dash and then your query in your browser's search bar
  3. 3.
    Directly type your query into the Dashworks search bar
Dashworks respects the permissions of each item that is searched, so you never risk sharing information with someone unwillingly. Additionally, Dashworks searches use intuitive technology that improves search results by 50% over native search results. This is done by incorporating factors such as:
  • Personalization - based on the user's role/department
  • Semantic understanding - based on the meaning of the document and intent of the query
  • Popularity - based on how frequently is the app visited and used in the company
  • Author expertise - document owner's expertise based on the content they create, and rank docs created by experts higher
  • Company knowledge graph - we prioritize results from your team and the people you interact with
  • Document freshness, and much more.